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    General Tips

    Why should You Reverse Engineer Your Competitors’ Videos?

    Let’s get one thing clear if you want to go ahead start in the video marketing game, you have to reverse engineer your competitors. There are no two ways about it. This is not an option because the alternative is just going to take too much time, effort, and money. Worse yet, even if you […]

    How to Use the Cheapest Marketing Video Type Most Profitably

    Let’s get one thing clear. There are many ways to make videos. You probably are well aware of that. One of the most common video types is actually the most expensive. I am, of course, talking about video spokespersons. These are people who either memorize the sales speech or they have a teleprompter that they […]

    YouTube Marketing

    This is the Secret Ingredient of Highly Effective Marketing Videos

    How many times have you seen an online video that has motivated you to buy something? Chances are, you can count those experiences with two hands. While the internet doesn’t have a shortage of interesting, quirky or memorable videos, these qualities, in and of themselves, don’t necessarily mean that you would buy a product that […]