4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Video Marketing

4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Video Marketing

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Video marketing isn’t new by any means, but its effectiveness is reaching all-time highs as we progress further and further into the internet age.

Your potential customers don’t have enough time to scroll through a long listicle about why your product beats the competition. They’d much rather watch a quick video about it that rounds up all of the key points in a couple of minutes.

Not enough people are talking about this, and not enough businesses are taking advantage of it. Only 60% of marketers use pre-production video content as part of their marketing strategy — and that’s just not enough.

As a small business, if you think you don’t need video marketing — this article lists four key points to change your mind.

1. Videos Help with SEO

Google ranks engaging and informative content higher. There’s no other form of digital content that’s more engaging than video — quite literally, as video engages your senses of sight and hearing.

It makes sense that videos are associated with some of the highest interaction times and page view durations.

Moreover, YouTube is not just a video platform — it’s a massive search engine in too! If your marketing videos are published there as well as your business website, your chances of being discovered and watched are multiplied.

You can also promote your video on YouTube and social media, which further enhances the number of traffic you pull in.

2. Higher Conversion Rates

Videos are a one-time investment that continues to pay you back indefinitely. Videos on a landing page can boost conversion rates by as much as 80% — take a moment to absorb that statistic.

Video is one of the most essential factors in terms of impacting a potential buyer’s purchase decision. They can play a significant role in persuading visitors and converting them into loyal customers.

However, it’s also crucial that your marketing videos are well-made. High-quality marketing videos can feature testimonials, product descriptions, and even built-in tutorials to engage viewers.

Make sure you hire the right Video Production Sydney services for the best results.

3. Video Marketing Unlocks Social Sharing

Viral videos go boom!

Without including videos in your marketing campaigns, you miss out on this vast advertisement opportunity called social sharing.

It’s the internet age, and you’ve got to use strategies that work — otherwise, your competitors will take the lead. Over 90% of video watchers regularly share videos with relatives and friends.

4. Videos Naturally Promote Credibility

As an experienced business owner would tell you — trust always translates into sales.

People find it easier to trust a company with some sort of brand identity. That’s especially true for first-time buyers and online shoppers.

Videos are a powerful tool to display the best side of your company’s personality. They make it easier for visitors to connect with you, have a closer look at your offerings, and establish trust.

The more you educate your customers about your products and services through well-made videos, the more trust you’ll earn.

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