Riverside.fm Launches iPhone App, Automated Editing Tools, Video Transcription, High-Quality Screen Share Recording and More

Riverside.fm Launches iPhone App, Automated Editing Tools, Video Transcription, High-Quality Screen Share Recording and More

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Riverside.fm’s customers include Disney, Spotify, Verizon Media, Marvel, and the New York Times, among others

Riverside.fm, the remote video and podcast creation platform that records each participants’ audio and 4K visuals on their device so that a bad internet connection won’t affect recording quality, has upgraded its offering and officially launched Riverside 2.0!

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Riverside 2.0 will enable you to take your remote video creation to the next level, and includes the following new capabilities:

  • Convert your videos and podcasts into text in seconds with automatic transcriptions!

Instead of having to type out everything that was said, let Riverside.fm’s automatic transcription do it for you, so you can search your recording for the memorable quotes, instantly.

  • Invite your guests to record from anywhere with our iPhone app!

Guests can now join the studio anytime and anywhere in just a few clicks with Riverside.fm’s iPhone app! Download your guest’s HD recording, even if they have questionable wifi.

Riverside.fm’s app is the first iOS app that can record and upload the audio and video tracks simultaneously, ensuring that the recordings are transferred almost as soon as the session is finished.

  • Cut down hours on editing time with the Magic Editor

Riverside.fm’s Magic Editorautomates the editing process by merging separate tracks together into a full HD split-screen video, removing unwanted noise and distractions, and normalizes all guests’ gain, all in just a couple of clicks.

With the Magic Editor you can also customize the layout and video cropping to better suit your needs. You can add a logo, and upload a custom background, or choose one of our expert-designed backgrounds so you can have professional-looking content in no time!

  • Automatically highlight active speakers in full screen with AI Speaker View!

Riverside.fm scans the audio tracks of a video to determine who is speaking, and then anticipates the picture switch between contributors 1 second before they’re about to speak, so you have seamless transitions between participants.

AI Speaker View also cuts out any unintended interferences, like coughs or sneezes, and doesn’t switch the video to the interruption, preventing choppy camera back and forth, and saving you a ton of editing time. Riverside is the first in the world to automate this process.

  • Record your screen-share in up to 1080p

You can now record your screen-share in real-time in up to 1080p resolution!

You’ll be able to download your screen-share as a separate MP4 or constant frame rate MP4 file, as well as the internet recording as a reference track, so you can edit all the separate local tracks together. The screen-share recordings can be edited in the Magic Editor, of course!

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An important step towards the company’s vision

With its latest features, Riverside continues to strive to create the ultimate content creation platform. In addition to its latest advancements and Riverside.fm’s unique ability to record lossless audio and 4K video tracks independent of internet connection speeds, users can:

  • Download separate audio and video tracks perfectly in sync with no software installation required
  • Add pre-recorded audio and video clips to your recording or live stream using Riverside’s integrated Media Board, saving time in post-production
  • Achieve lightning-fast uploads that start upon recording and continue in the background throughout the session

At the end of the recording session, both the video and audio files are automatically downloaded without contributors having to manually send files from their end.

“Riverside’s local recording engines can cope with poor Internet connections and enables interviewers, from their own homes, to look and sound as if they’re using a million-dollar studio. We’ve given the platform a user-friendly interface with all the capabilities to make the recording, producing and publishing of podcasts as no platform has ever done before,” Nadav Keyson, Riverside.fm’s CEO and co-founder said in a statement.

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